with my head and my heart !

december 12, 2016


Architecture, Adventure, House

Finally owner of my own house! Let the construction works begin.

to be continued

october 31, 2016

Shoe maroquinerie

Leather, #S3 Richelieu

Pattern of my first shoe.
100% craftmanship and pure passion to learn this delicate and exact art.

to be continued

september 2, 2016


Leather, #57 Star

Proud godmother of my supercute godchild ! Oscar, are you ready for busy afternoons filled with craft, swimming, reading and telling stories, tons of LEGO,...? Because I am. :-)

march 5, 2016


Leather, Collection, #74 Saddle bag

A new creation was born on pattern paper; now quickly select an appropriate leather jacket and matching thread; in order to turn this design into reality.

to be continued

february 27, 2016



Architectural battery charge in February. The brilliant sun confirms this splendid idea.

february 20, 2016

flying high

Leather, #70 Sequir

Ready for take-off Steven?
With this personalized case for a flight hours booklet, everyone can become a pilot.

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december 15, 2015


Architecture, Sports hall

Negotiation Round #1/4 of #4/4 at the epicentrum of the Flemish Clay Industry. Let the building process begin, we're ready!. :-)


june 17, 2014

party - planning
#happy birthday granny !

Graphics, Print, Concept

What started with the design of an invitation, enlarged into the nomination as "party architect" for this family celebration with more than 100 guests. A warm blue-pink atmosphere with crafty accents has been created. Every detail, such as the flower decorations at the table up to the dessert labels; everything was designed and selected according the theme.

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july 27, 2013

saying goodbye


Brussels airport gets some extra decoration, during a surprise-goodbye-sessiong with matching banner. ;-)